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As daunting as fundraising may seem, we can surely all agree that are few things more gratifying than raising money for a cause you love and support. Contrary to popular belief, fundraising doesn’t have to be boring. It doesn’t mean bopping from door to door or awkwardly asking your friends and family members for money. A great rule of thumb when it comes to fundraising is, instead of making donors feel like they’re making a financial sacrifice to further your cause, make it so they’re purchasing a product or experience giving them bang for their buck. The following are unique, fun ideas that your soon-to-be patrons will surely appreciate, and the organizations.

Fashion Show

Walk the catwalk for your favorite charity.  Hosting a fashion show is a great way to raise funds for your favorite charity organization.  Contact your local retailers and designers to ask them to sponsor clothes for your show. Use local models or other people in your organization to model the clothes.  Of course, the size of the show will have an impact on how much money you will raise and any costs you may occur. So, you will need to take your budget into consideration prior to planning your show.  If you want to add a luncheon to your fashion show, contact your local restaurants or grocery stores to see if they would partner with you, or cater, for a good cause. Have fun with it! Try different themes. Animal print, denim, weddings, seasonal and children’s clothing are great themes to try this year.

Trivia Night

Partner with your local pub, bar or brewery to host a trivia night! Not only are trivia nights a surefire way to draw an enthusiastic crowd, but they’re a fun way to foster healthy competition, and an even better opportunity for you to get social and network your cause. You could even include trivia questions that hint to issues or statistics related to your cause, subtly educating soon-to-be donors and upping the challenge throughout the night. Ask for donations throughout the night, or discuss donating a percentage of the night’s earnings with the owner.

Spa/Pamper Evening

A spa or pamper evening is the perfect opportunity to let donors treat themselves for a good cause. Organizing your own pamper evening is as easy as partnering with a local spa or nail salon to donate a percentage of the earnings to your charity of choice, charge a reservation fee, or sell mimosas to patrons to elevate the entire experience. If you’ve got enough partnerships, you could even opt for a pamper festival, featuring stalls offering an array of beauty treatments where attendees could donate in the form of an admission fee, while the local businesses with which you partner boost their clientele and earn a percentage of the admission price. Whether you’re partnering with a salon to offer discounted blow outs in exchange for a donation, a nail salon for mani and pedis for a cause, or your favorite spa for specials on treatments – fellow beauty obsessives will relish in the opportunity to treat themselves for a good cause.

Workout Class

Up your fitness while you fundraise by hosting your very own workout class in honor of your charity. Zumba, Pilates, yoga flow, cycling – whatever your workout preference, teaming up with your local gym or fitness studio is a surefire way to pump some energy into your cause and burn some calories in the process. Collect donations at the door, sell water or post workout smoothies, and give the class a pre-workout pep talk to educate them about your cause and boost enthusiasm. A workout class fundraiser is a great way to break a sweat for your cause, without breaking the bank.

Regardless of how you choose to fundraise, we applaud you for giving back to your chosen cause. Whether it’s a fashion show, screening, trivia extravaganza, or even an hour or two of your time or resources – remember that giving back is always in style.



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