4 Key Tips for Working Out from Home

Woman doing core exercises at home while watching videos online.

Is hitting the gym part of your regular routine? If so, it’s okay to be feeling frustrated and confused right now. Having a core part of your routine disrupted can overwhelm you, but we’re here to help you bring a bit of normalcy back to your routine. Like many others, your home is likely now also an office, classroom, spa, and now, gym.

Switching to at-home workouts can be a challenging transition, relying heavily on your inner motivation. First, be sure you’re taking care of your mind and body. When you feel ready to get back into this routine, consider these tips and methods to work out from home.

Make YouTube your best friend

Miss jamming out on the treadmill to your favorite songs? You don’t have to miss out on that fun while you’re at home! Many popular songs have accompanying workouts, so you can still have fun while you stay in shape. Many YouTube workouts use little to no workout equipment, too, so it’s extremely beginner-friendly. Need your Harry Styles fix while you tone your core? Check out this at-home workout from MadFit on YouTube.

With so many videos out there, it’s easy to just go into your bedroom, living room, or even backyard to get in a quick, fun workout.

Workout  stretches at home using light weights - continue your workout routines at home.
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Create a routine

If you’re used to going to the gym at a certain time, try to stick to that time. If you want to adjust to a “new normal,” though, pick a new time and stick with it. Maybe you’re energized in the early mornings, or maybe that sunset run is just what you need to sleep better. Consider what time works best for your mind and body, then stick with it as much as you can. This will give you that sense of normalcy you crave, as well as the activity your body craves. You’ll create a sense of commitment to yourself, giving yourself this energy to look forward to each day.

Woman catching up with a friend on her phone while on the treadmill - have a friend motivate you while working out from home.
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Get a buddy

Even if you’re really determined to regularly work out from home, it can be easy to quickly become unmotivated. During this season of change, it’s important to give yourself some slack, wiggle room, and days of rest. But for those times where you really want to hold yourself accountable, get a workout buddy. Grab a friend and ask them to work out with you via video chat, so you don’t have to do it alone. At the least, have a friend or family member motivate you regularly and check in on how your routine is going. Having someone help hold you accountable can make you more encouraged and excited to keep up your at-home workouts.

Resistance bands and weights in the foreground while a woman sits and exercises on a yoga mat in the background.
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Get your gear

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you should workout in your pajamas. Motivate yourself to work out by getting that same routine, including getting ready for the gym. Prep your skin, pull up your hair, and put on your favorite sports bra and leggings. The classic gym selfie can still be done from home! If you want to take it a step further, consider investing in at-home equipment like weights and resistance bands.

Getting back to your workout routine can be tricky at first, but with these tips, you’ll be feeling healthy and energized in no time.

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