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Cherry Merlot Winesicles

Photo by Foodess

Whether you’re chasing your kids down with sunscreen, camped out in a beach side cabana, or hanging out poolside with your significant other and friends, these occasional sweet treats will have you feeling refreshed and relaxed all summer long.

Cherry Merlot Winesicles

It doesn’t get much better than this adult-take on a childhood summer classic. And, the best part is these ice lollies require barely any effort or ingredients at all. Simply combine merlot, your favorite fresh fruits (this recipe calls for cherries which we can personally vouch for 100%), and some simple syrup, and blend until smooth. Deposit your mixture into a popsicle mold (you know, the one your kids made you buy but have never used), pop them in the freezer and bam – you’ve got the ultimate poolside snack.

Tipsy Fruit

Give your summer house guests’ a tangy surprise by boozing up the barbecue’s fruit salad. This ingenious recipe calls for a delicate cocktail of rum, triple sec, and sugar thoroughly combined to create an indulgent alcohol infused syrup. Simply toss your favorite fruit salad ingredients around in the syrup to enhance the fruit’s sweetness and give the dish a little edge.

lemon bars

Photo by Kelda Baljon

Margarita Bars

While these Margarita Bars may be a little more time intensive than the aforementioned desserts, the payoff is rich and well worth it. A summery spin on your favorite citrus classic, these Margarita bars are an elevated rendition of your grandma’s famous lemon bar recipe. The introduction of shredded coconut, fresh lime zest and lime juice takes this timeless recipe to new heights and will without a doubt have you reaching for more. Proceed with caution!

Whether your kitchen prowess starts and ends at the microwave or is at the top-chef in training category, these alcohol-infused and inspired desserts will add a dash of adventure to the summer flavors you’ve been craving all season long. Try any of these yourself? We want to hear about it! Have any boozy recipes in your arsenal you want to share? We want those too!





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