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Cranberry juice, tonic water, red bull, ginger beer, and skincare – what do these have in common? They pair perfectly with vodka. You read that correctly, vodka infused skincare is the ultimate beauty cocktail. Our latest skincare line Beautitini, is backed by a heap of skin loving ingredients, the unlikely star being vodka made from sugar cane. That’s right – the staple spirit distilled from grains or potatoes has a bevy of skincare benefits, read on to learn why the Beautitini is our new go-to.


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Tone & Clarify

Vodka has natural clarifying properties that tone and refine the skin. Dealing with inflamed and blemished skin? Vodka-infused skincare is proven to tone down the trauma and bring some much needed clarity to stressed out skin. Prone to congestion in your t-zone? Vodka is known to act as a natural astringent that will cleanse skin of leftover dirt and grime that can clog pores and lead to pesky blemishes.

Control Oil & Treat

If excess oil is your main gripe, Vodka-infused skincare is the answer. Thanks to Vodka’s natural astringent qualities, that we spoke about earlier, combination or oily skins are sure to appreciate how vodka infused skincare sops up excess oil or “sebum”and restores your skin’s karmic balance. It’s even known for ousting harmful bacteria given its antiseptic qualities. Making vodka a powerhouse addition to highly effective spot treatments and other acne targeted skincare regimens.

Tighten & Firm

Skin starting to look as stressed and sleep deprived as you feel? Vodka-infused skincare is sure to take the edge off. Vodka’s natural acidity not only makes it a tried and true glow-giver but ups the ante when it comes to tightening pores and firming skin that’s lost its bounce. Its firming features make Vodka-infused products the ultimate addition to your medicine cabinet. Giving your complexion the ultimate pick-me-up, vodka infused skincare snaps your skin into shape by firming and tightening in all of the right places.

Shall we toast? The beauty benefits of vodka deserve to be celebrated. While it’s an effective way to spike your everyday skincare routine, it doesn’t behave the same way when splashed in your Friday night cocktail – so be sure to indulge responsibly, because too much of a good thing is never good for your skin. Cheers!

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