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Woman in pink blouse holding her shoes infront of a pink background.

Photo By: shutterstock/Reviako Inna

Between blazing bright neons, groovy tie dye, flowing maxi dresses, and breezy linens, there were almost too many fashion trends to keep track of this summer. Some of them we’re so good, though, we can’t stand the thought of leaving them behind once the fall hits. Fashion is about breaking the rules anyway, right? Read on to see which trends we refuse to break up with this fall.

We love the romantic and whimsical feel these billowy tops bring to an outfit. While some may say they bare too similar a resemblance to the famed Fabio character on the cover of weathered romance novels, it’s a comparison that we’ll shamelessly accept, because we’ve fallen hard for these soft, delicate silhouettes. Make them casual with a pair of worn in levis and a statement shoe, or wear it with a midi-length tapered skirt for an interesting contrast – the choice is yours.

Say what you will but we think the deep earth tones and modern silhouettes that are synonymous with utilitarian fashion totally have a place in the fall season. Summer is over, our out of office replies are switched off, and there’s nothing quite like a terracotta coverall to illustrate just how “back to business” we are feeling this summer. So no, our coveralls, olive green slacks, and worker’s jackets will not be leaving our closets once summer ends.

We know we just praised the seasonal appropriateness of earth tones in the fall, but we still can’t bare part with the summer’s radioactive hues. And need we remind you of fashion’s contradictory nature? Lavenders, greens, yellows, and pinks are all shades we refuse to let go of in the fall season because they just make you feel alive, don’t they?  Brights like these keep the positive vibes going even when they may be dwindling in supply, making them a trend we’re going to want to hold on to.

Now, dish: What summer trends are you going to be sneaking into the fall? Share them loudly and proudly in the comments.

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