3 Natural and Organic Spas We Love

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If you’re looking to wind down the organic and natural way, we’ve rounded up three of our go-to spas to help you do it. From fruit enzyme powered skin brightening treatments, to full body mud masks, and all natural facials, you’re sure to leave the following sanctuaries as a happy (and glowing) camper.

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Soho Sanctuary – New York, NY

Offering a holistic approach to self care and wellness, Soho Sanctuary is the holy trinity of beauty from the inside out – part spa, part green beauty apothecary and part yoga studio. It’s a tranquil, women-only space where visitors can quite literally expel stressful negativity through deep tissue massages, revitalizing skin and body treatments and delicately masterful manis and pedis. Soho Sanctuary is the epitome of a safe space.

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The Betsy Hotel – Miami Beach, FL

A landmark of Miami’s famous South Beach and Miami Beach’s only outdoor spa, The Betsy is the ultimate blend of high-end and sustainable in every capacity. Between the laid back tropical interior and beach front locale, there really is no better place for some rest and relaxation than the Betsy. The hotel’s acclaimed wellness garden overlooks the ocean on the roof top. With treatments like full body wraps, aromatherapy foot baths, massages and facials on offer (all using paraben-free, natural products), a day at the Betsy spa is a day well spent.

Spa Facial Treatment
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Arcona Studio – Los Angeles, CA

If it’s good enough for Hollywood’s A-list, it’s good enough for us. Arcona Studio offers all natural facial treatments, healing LED therapy, facial contouring treatments, and more. All powered by natural and organic ingredients via ethical and sustainable practices. We love their signature facial contouring treatment which include lymph drainage and a deep tissue facial massage that’ll life, rejuvenate, and workout your skin.

So whether you’re looking for a facial workout, yoga and a mani, or an Ayurveda influenced facial, our natural and organic spa picks will have you covered from your head to your toes. What are your favorite organic spas? Have you visited any of our favorites? Let us know on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages so we can check them out next.

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