3 Must-Try Spring Fashion Trends

Trends for Spring Fashion

Spring has almost sprung and with it comes a flourishing crop of new style trends for us to try out: from the resurgence of basics to the growing popularity of billowing, puffed sleeves, the fashion world is bursting at the scenes with innovative twists to add to your wardrobe. We did some fashion week scouting and tracked down the trends we’re most excited to try this spring season. Have any in mind that you’re particular jazzed about? Let us know on our social media pages below and share the love.

Spring Fashion Trends
Photo by: (left to right) MRProduction/Shutterstock, and Alex Volot


If you ever dismissed the khaki, sienna, camel, and taupe shades in your wardrobe under the premise that they’re too “drab” for spring – we encourage you to reconsider. These classic shades are coming back in a big way this spring and make whatever shape they take feel like an instant classic. An oversized camel blazer feels very pristine and feminine when paired with a brighter or bold color underneath or a soft creamy knit and crisp white denim. Same goes for a nude billowy blouse and your favorite pair of worn in denim. Our favorite part about the neutrals trend is that they pair well with practically everything in your wardrobe, making this the spring fashion trend with the smallest margin of error.

2019 Spring Fashion
Photos by: (from left to right) thiago-goncalves/Unsplash, Manu Padilla/Shutterstock and Rasstock/Shutterstock


A bit more whimsical than neutrals, puffed sleeves that make a statement are going to be huge this spring. Is it the fashion world’s way of paying homage to the stuffy Easter dresses of our childhood? Maybe, but all we know is that we can’t get enough. We’re head over heels in love with the idea of pairing a solid puffed sleeved blouse with the more austere, form fitting silhouette of a pencil or a-line skirt because it achieves the perfect balance between playful and poised. If you really want to be bold with this, turn up the volume by opting for a bright peony pink variety.

Spring Fashion Trends Haul
Photos by: (from left to right) Azamat Ahanisov/Unsplash, GettyImages, Kipa Chan/Unsplash


The universal shade of happiness is trending this spring and we couldn’t be more excited about it. There’s no denying that a pop of yellow instantly brightens and adds cheer to any outfit, and quite frankly that’s the kind of positivity we could all use in our lives and wardrobes right now – so why not take it one step further? A bold yellow pant is sure to get all eyes on you (in a good way, we promise), and add a healthy glow to your look. Is floor skimming yellow a bit too much for you? No worries, just start small with a few small pops of the shad in your accessories before graduating to more attention grabbing pieces like blouses, dressed, and jumpsuits.

So what do you think? Interested in trying any of these trends? Have any pieces ready to go in your closet? Or, have you fallen in love with any other spring fashion trends that we didn’t cover here? Do let us know on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages so we can all start the spring season off right.

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