3 Make at Home Clean Cocktails Your Skin Will Love

Clean Cocktails

Whether you’ve had a day long and so stressful you feel as if the universe is operating under a personal vendetta against you, or you just want to celebrate surviving the work week without leaving the house, these 3 easy to make clean cocktails can help you do it. The best part about these is, they require no more than 3 ingredients, have less sugar, won’t destroy your beauty regimen and you’ve probably got them already stashed away in your liquor cabinet. Let’s get mixing!

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This one is so easy it’s almost sinful. Vodka and orange juice are a match made in heaven in this sweet citrusy classic. But for a healthier version, we recommend using freshly squeezed oranges or freshing expressed fruit juice for your screwdrivers for a refreshing, clean cocktail to help cut down the sugars, calories, preservatives and additives that can wreak havoc on your skin. Feel free to customize your screwdriver by opting for mango or pineapple infused orange juice (100 percent juice, no sugar added), or basically whatever else you feel like. But don’t forget the fresh orange slice for garnish, garnish is key. If you really want a recipe, we like this one from Craving Tasty blogger. I FOOD Blogger provides a nice guide on how to make the perfect screwdriver with various alternative recipes depending on your taste buds.

Whisky Ginger
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Whiskey lovers, this one is for you! The drink could also be named: An Intro to Whiskey for Those Who Can’t Stand Whiskey, because it’s a light, refreshing way to get into whiskey without growing chest hair on the spot. All you need is whiskey, ginger ale and some limes. The lime and ginger ale tone down the intensity of the whiskey while giving it a bright, refreshing taste that’s sure to liven things up in more ways than one.

We are not big soda drinkers here at IB. It is something we’ve pretty much 86’d from our diet. But, we know some of you like to use soda as your cocktail mixer and are not ready to give it up (just yet) which is why we chose this cocktail. The thing about soda is that in addition to causing unwanted weight gain and tooth decay, which we all know, it can also cause premature aging, trigger eczema, cause acne or pimple, enlarge your pores and increase oil production. Did you sign-up for this when you went to Happy Hour? We didn’t think so. There’s just one simple swap to do here. We simiply recommend substituting the ginger ale with diet ginger ale to cut-out the sugary content and high-fructose corn syrup and reduce the calories. The amounts of whiskey and ginger ale you use will vary according to how you’d prefer it to taste of course, but we enjoyed this recipe from Garnish with Lemon while using diet ginger ale. Your skin will thank you for this.

Gin and Water
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Our fav! This is our go-to drink when we are out, don’t want to drink wine and want to stay clean. What’s not to love about a gin and water? It tastes great, a clean cocktail and is easy to make at home. We know how much people dig a gin and tonic which tastes great too. But, did you know tonic water is full of sugars? How about 32 grams of sugar in 1 can or bottle. Yikes! Tonic water can be a little deceiptive and sounds somewhat healthy since it does have the word “water” in the title. But, tonic water is a carbondated soft drink. And, when you’re out having a cocktail, or even shopping at the grocery store, diet tonic water is sometimes not that easy to find. So, gin and water to the rescue!

Gin and water is definently an all-around year cocktail. It’s an easy drink to make during the winter months when you have extra tasks like shoveling snow, holiday shopping or taking down the Christmas tree you still having sitting in your living room. It’s a refreshing drink for the spring, a dependable summer classic and the perfect wind down cocktail for the fall. The crisp taste of a gin and water is sure to make your taste buds happy. Use those limes you’ve had taking up space in your refrigerator door and toss those in for added freshness and citrus taste. If you really want to mix things up, try using your favorite flavor of La Croix or any seltzer water you enjoy. Lime La Croix + your favorite gin + actual limes? Pour us one too, please.

Whatever the state of your liquor cabinet, we’re sure you can pull these classic cocktails off without a hitch while avoiding adding the extra unwanted sugars, preservatives, additives and high-fructose corn syrup to your diet that can effect your skin. If you make any of these at home, be sure to let us know! And even more importantly, be sure to indulge responsibly. What are your favorite at home concoctions? Please feel free to let us know on our Instagram and  Facebook pages.  Cheers to your healthy, happy skin!

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