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Woman relaxing in a bath tub.

Nothing quite beats a relaxing shower or bath at the end of a long day, it’s a state of bliss. An extra treat for yourself is always appreciated, and the bathroom can be easily transformed into your own peaceful, soul-soothing spa. With just a few simple tricks and trades, your bathroom will go from the […]

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Woman cutting vegetables in a kitchen.

Sensitive skin comes in many forms, such as skin conditions like eczema, keratosis pilaris, rosacea and more. Sensitive skin is easily irritated by many factors. If you have sensitive skin, you likely have noticed your skin reacts heavily to which foods you eat. Processed sugars and junk foods, while fun treats, can be sensitive skin’s […]

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Closeup of young woman with face serum dripper.

As the focus of power in the beauty community shifts between skincare and makeup, it can be hard to find a happy medium—and with so many new releases it can be hard to keep up. A quick search of Instagram’s beauty hashtags will provide a plethora of flatlays, products, and opinions—but one constant, shared by […]

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Depressed woman sitting on a chair and staring out of a window.

There are many factors, such as genetics and hormones, that can contribute to a person’s risk of experiencing anxiety and depression. However, many studies are now also finding that your diet may actually have a huge impact on your mental health. A new report published in the World Journal of Psychology has found that certain […]

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Woman taking a selfie (self photo) in fashionable outfit.

In the current age of social media, influencer marketing has reached its peak. Brands are currently relying on influencers, alternatively labeled as content creators, for aid in advertising and marketing. Influencers have quickly adapted to function as a one-person team, acting as their manager, creative director, editor, photographer, and more. When influencers become professionals in […]

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Woman in pink blouse holding her shoes infront of a pink background.

Between blazing bright neons, groovy tie dye, flowing maxi dresses, and breezy linens, there were almost too many fashion trends to keep track of this summer. Some of them we’re so good, though, we can’t stand the thought of leaving them behind once the fall hits. Fashion is about breaking the rules anyway, right? Read […]

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Couple enjoying their time in a spa pool with underwater purple lights.

No matter your age or time spent together, most couples can agree that sometimes the most romantic thing you can do together is absolutely nothing. Time spent away from the home and office, and away from everyday stressors (we’re looking at you, smartphones) is time spent reconnecting with your significant other, and rediscovering your center […]

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Coconut water in a glass next to a coconut split in half.

It’s no secret coconut is one of the most popular for skincare. Coconut is commonly seen in hydrating products, specifically mists and face masks. Some brands, such as Kopari, have even centered their entire brand around coconut-based products. Coconut is not only popular in beauty products, though. Coconut water has grown in popularity over the […]

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African American woman with natural hair roaming a field in a large shirt.

From jelly shadows to strobing sticks and powder lips, the beauty industry is constantly churning out new cosmetic innovations. Despite this, beauty brands have lots to learn when it comes to formulating products made for women of color. Foundation shades are so limited it’s criminal, and when a brand does include shades (in most cases […]

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Bakuchiol skin care cream with raw seeds on pink background.

Despite Bakuchiol’s increase in skincare products, many consumers still don’t know exactly what it is, or how to say it. Pronounced “buh-koo-chee-all” or “back-uh-heel,” this skincare ingredient is known as nature’s retinol.  Bakuchiol has been making its way toward mainstream beauty since the 1970s, but with the rise in demand for natural beauty, bakuchiol is […]

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Woman infront of her laptop appears to be stressed out.

Whether you’re trying to cope with an unsavory coworker, or are struggling to find air beneath a growing workload, taking your mindfulness practice to work is always a good idea. Even if you wouldn’t describe your environment as contentious, you’re bound to experience some form of stress in the workplace, no matter your occupation. And […]

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Woman in bathroom extracting serum from bottle.

Whether you’re living @theestallion’s Hot Girl Summer or just surviving a regular hot summer–you know hydration is key. For your body there’s ice water, fruits and veggies, and lots of moisturizing SPF–but what about the face? It’s easy for the skin to become dehydrated in extreme heat or during extremely contrasting weather conditions–hence tightness, dryness, […]

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Woman sitting in the grass listening to music while smiling.

Wellness trends are constantly evolving, from collagen shots to mushroom hot chocolate, but CBD has recently become America’s latest love. Hemp is legal in all 50 states, but the legality of CBD can vary. In an attempt to destigmatize CBD, many wellness and beauty brands have formed the world of luxury CBD, complete with enticing […]

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Woman with luxurious blonde hair smiling.

It’s no secret the food you eat has a great impact on your whole body. Certain foods are great for your skin, some are great for weight loss, but today, we’re providing some tips for which foods will give you strong, shiny hair, no salon appointment necessary. Eggs – Start your morning off right by […]

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Picture of hands with moisturizer in a heart shape.

Starting your day off right can truly make a difference in how you feel. Taking care of your skin every morning will not only give you long-term positive results, but it will also give you optimal makeup application. Properly applying your skincare will give your morning the perfect boost, so we’re here to breakdown the […]

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