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Intoxicating Beauty is a skincare, wellness and lifestyle brand. Our mission is to create clean, non-toxic, and cruelty-free skincare products formulated with wine, spirits, sake, and craft brew that nourish and heal even the most sensitive skin while respecting the beauty of the environment. We also aim to bring awareness on how the food and beverages we consume, self-care, relationships, career decisions and other lifestyle choices can have a major impact on our skin. This is what we call the Intoxicating Lifestyle®.

Meet Our Beauty Mixologist &

Skin Wellness Coach

Teresa Norvell,


Intoxicating Beauty Founder Teresa Norvell

    Intoxicating Beauty is a clean beauty, wellness and lifestyle brand. It was born when our founder, Teresa Norvell, began creating customized skincare “cocktails” in her kitchen. A business owner, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and former model, Teresa has always counted skincare, wine, spirits, saké, craft brew and wellness among her passions. She earned a Cicerone certification, which demonstrates a special mastery of beer styles and beer service. She also has studied wine, saké, spirits and plant-based cooking.

    While putting herself through law school, Teresa’s mother was diagnosed with the late stages of breast cancer. A year after her graduation, Teresa loss her mother to the battle of breast cancer at 55 years old. This sparked a lifelong passion for health and wellness, and a commitment to clean ingredients.

    In 2015, Teresa experienced several severe eczema outbreaks stemming from the stress she was experiencing from her legal career. Her dermatologist prescribed steroids and other meds which she didn’t like being on. She was forced to use unscented skincare and body care products which were not wrapped in pretty packaging. They appeared very clinical, full of parabens and other toxic ingredients and looked like white goop in a jar. She was concerned about her health with using products full of these toxic ingredients especially due to losing her mom to breast cancer.

    Teresa missed the beautiful packaging and fragrances from the other skincare products she formally used. Not having the pretty packaging and fragrances in these products made her feel like she was being punished for having eczema. She felt like the skincare industry let her down and forgot about eczema and sensitive skin suffers. It was as if the beauty industry didn’t think people with sensitive skin would also want products that were non-toxic, lightly fragranced with non-irritating natural fragrances and wrapped in beautiful packaging like other skin types.

    Teresa started on her mission to make her own skincare products for herself and learning about lifestyle choices that could be triggering her eczema. She began researching the effects stress and foods can have on skin and the skin benefits of beer, wine, saké, vodka and other spirits   while studying beer. She discovered that beer, wine, saké, and vodka have been used in other countries for centuries for their skincare benefits. Knowing the beneficial properties of hops and beer yeast, she began mixing up her own skin-soothing formulas for her own benefits and started sharing them with friends and family as gifts. After receiving requests for her products and knowing it was a time for a career change, Teresa started Intoxicating Beauty.

    Having the desire to pursue a new career she was passionate about, she decided to dedicate herself full-time to building a clean beauty, wellness and lifestyle brand that would combine her knowledge of wine, spirits, saké, craft brew and healthy lifestyle choices. Being exposed to so many different nationalities and cultures as a child while growing up as a Navy brat, it was imperative to Teresa to showcase women of all racial backgrounds through her brand. She wanted to honor diversity and embrace the uniqueness of our skin as our skin is the largest organ and our body’s protector.

    Working with top chemists, Teresa develops clean, non-toxic, cruelty-free formulas that intoxicate only the senses with luxurious natural fragrances and decadent textures. She works closely with her manufacturer to craft products that are tailored for most skin types. To avoid using synthetic fragrances in her products, Teresa also works with her fragrance house to produce Intoxicating Beauty’s natural signature fragrances. Her signature fragrances and product packaging were inspired by her favorite wine, spirits, saké and craft brew flavors and bottles.

 While working on launching Intoxicating Beauty, Teresa pursued her certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is now a Certified Health & Wellness Coach with a focus on skin wellness. She is also a member of the Nutritional Aesthetics® Alliance and is currently working on becoming a Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner®. She wants to bring awareness on the skin-health link on how beauty products, foods, stress, self-care, and other lifestyle choices can have a major impact on our skin (an integrative approach to healthy skin) and provide people with healthier options. This is what she calls the Intoxicating Lifestyle®.

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Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance


because giving back is beautiful

At Intoxicating Beauty, we believe in good skin and good health. We want women to feel healthy, strong and beautiful every time they look in the mirror. As a company, we’re committed to giving back through our support of these charities:

City of Hope, donate to support research and treatment of cancer and other diseases.
Breast cancer awareness and supporting women fighting breast cancer is a cause that is near and dear to our founder Teresa Norvell’s heart. Every October, for Breast Cancer Awareness month, we will make a generous donation to City of Hope to honor the memory of Teresa’s mother, Dolores D. Jones.
National Eczema Association Logo
October is also Eczema Awareness month. In the month of October, we will make a generous donation to the National Eczema Association to help fund research and resources for people who suffer from eczema like our founder, Teresa.